9th April 2014

Music in the House (Andy)

Music has always played a major part in both our lives.  We are the youngest two of six and when we were growing up in Birmingham the family would often sit around in the front room of our house in Handsworth Wood as each of us would play or sing a song or two.  Dad would usually play the harmonica and entertain us with his rolling eyes and acrobatic eye brows.

Vin was the only one of us that didn't have piano lessons but he always had a great singing voice and his rendition of 'Where Is Love?' from Oliver would reduce us all to tears.  Everyone in the family had their turn and mum would always ask me "Is that one of your own?" when I played the piano whether it was a piece by Mozart or just a little tune that I'd made up.

I was the last to leave home and after Vin left to go to University the front room became the rehearsal room for many bands that I was envolved in.  The family music evenings had been replaced with regular rehearsals with a full band including drums, bass, guitars, vocals and my Fender Rhodes electric piano.  On the odd occasion we would also have brass and percussion.  The house was always filled with music.

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